TAKUYA IIDA Dynamics Control of Nano-composite Materials by Designed Light Fields 
SYOJI ITO Chemical reaction fields with nanometer-sized dimensions produced by mechanical interaction between light and molecular systems 
TAKASHI OKUBO Development of Multifunctional Mixed-Valence Metal Assembled Complexes 
TAKURO KATSUFUJI Orbital-photon interaction in transition-metal oxides 
ATSUSHI GOTO Development of hyperpolarization schemes for nuclear spins in solids assisted by the optical pumping method 
WATARU SETAKA Synthesis and Photophysical Properties of a Molecular Compass 
HIROKO TOKORO Construction of novel phase transition phenomenon based on the correlation of light, magnetism and electricity 
TAKU HASOBE Construction of Photovoltaic Systems Based on Supramolecular Architectures  
HIDEKI FUJIWARA Control of photon localized mode using a defect region in a random structure 
MASAKAZU MORIMOTO Development of photoactive organic ferroelectric crystals