Sadahiro Masuo
Observation and Elucidation of Photon-Antibunching in the Emission from Single Nanometer-sized Organic Assemblies

Department of Chemistry School of Science and Technology Kwansei Gakuin University
Associate Professor

Photon antibunching means that the probability of detecting two simultaneous photons drops to zero, so the materials which show the antibunching are called single photon source.
It is well known and obvious that single fluorescence molecules behave as the single photon source.
In this project, I will observe and elucidate that even single molecular assemblies consisting of many fluorescent dyes behave as the single photon sources by controlling their size in nm-scale.
The single photon sources are extremely needed for photon-based quantum cryptography and quantum information processing, nowadays.
Therefore, this project will contribute to develop such new information technologies.