Koji Fjita
Formation of light reasonators based on morphological control of oxides

Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University
Associate Professor

An attempt is made to control precisely the submicrometer-range morphology of metal oxides in order to create novel photonic materials based on the interference of light waves.
Of particular interest is to form well-defined macropores in oxides with high-refractive index using a sol-gel method accompanied by phase separation, and to design the structures that scatter strongly light.
Main goals of the project are to clarify the light propagation in strongly scattering media, to combine optically active molecules or ions with the strong light scattering, and to develop compact photonic devices making full use of the nature of light.
2007:Award of the Outstanding Papers Published in the Journal of The Ceramic Society of Japan
   「Sol-gel Synthesis of Macroporous YAG from Ionic Precursors via Phase Separation Route」
2008:The ICG Prize in Memory of Prof.Vittorio Gottardi 2008
   International Commission on Glass (International Commission on Glass)