[Research Activities] Creation of System Software for Society 5.0 by Integrating Fundamental Theories and System Platform Technologies

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Year Started : 2022
Title:Sustainable Decentralized Secure Computation Infrastructure
Research Director:Nuttapong Attrapadung

Title:A Verifiable Data Ecosystem
Research Toshiyuki Amagasa

Title:A comprehensive security infrastructure system with isolated execution and formal verification
Research Director:Takahiro Shinagawa

Title:Trusted Inter-Reality Infrastructure for Creating and Connecting Diverse Realities with Safety and Security
Research Director:Takuro Yonezawa

Year Started : 2021
Title:Healthcare Cohort Infrastructure with security and utility guarantees
Research Director:Hiroaki Kikuchi

Title:Practical privacy-preserving data analyses and secure data infrastructure
Research Director:Kenjiro Taura

Title:Zero Trust IoT by Formal Verification and System Software
Research Director:Atsuko Takefusa

Title:Privacy-centric Information Infrastructure
Research Director:Toshio Hirotsu

Title:A Platform for Digitalizing Knowledge of Regional Communities
Research Director:Hirozumi Yamaguchi

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