[Research Activities] Creation and development of core technologies interfacing human and information environments

Symbiotic Interaction


[Press release]:Why does performance deteriorate under pressure? -Finding abnormalities in the auditory-motor integration ability.

Paper:Shinichi Furuya, Reiko Ishimaru, Takanori Oku and Noriko Nagata, “Back to feedback: aberrant sensorimotor control in music performance under pressure”, Communications Biology. Published online December 16, 2021, DOI:10.1038/s42003-021-02879-4.
[Koike team]

[Press release]:Virtual fitting room -An AI-driven imaging system allows users to try on virtual outfits in real time.(The University of Tokyo’s site)

Papers:Toby Chong, I-Chao Shen, Nobuyuki Umetani, and Takeo Igarashi, “Per Garment Capture and Synthesis for Real-time Virtual Try-on,” ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST ‘21), DOI:10.1145/3472749.3474762.
[Igarashi team]


We held “2nd JST-ANR Joint Symposium: Symbiotic Interaction 2019”at Tokyo on Dec. 2nd, 2019

We held “JST-ANR Joint Symposium: Symbiotic Interaction”at Paris on Nov. 5th, 2018

Website of each CREST project

Year Started : 2019

Title:Symbiotic Interaction Platform beyond Bounded Human Rationality
Research Director:Jin Nakazawa

Title:Supporting Empathic Behavior by Sharing and Extending Social Signals
Research Director:Kenji Suzuki

Title:A Study on Mutual Understanding Computing based on Simultaneous Contextualization And INterpreting
Research Director:Michita Imai

Title:Training Adapted Personalised Affective Social Skills with Cultural Virtual Agents
Research Director:Satoshi Nakamura(ANR Japanese-French joint research proposal)

Title:Creation of Cooperative Human Augmentation Techniques in Sound Media Communication
Research Director:Tomoki Toda

Year Started : 2018

Title:Pedagogical information infrastructure based on mutual interaction
Research Director:Kazuo Hiraki

Title:Materialized Graphics for Multidimensional Interaction
Research Director:Hiroyuki Shinoda

Title:Computational Social Touch for Symbiotic Human-Robot Interaction
Research Director:Masahiro Shiomi

Title:Interaction Platform based on Psychological Informatics for Information Presentation
Research Director:Tsutomu Terada

Title:VoicePersonae: Speaker identity cloning and protectio
Research Director:Junichi Yamagishi (ANR Japanese-French joint research proposal)

Title:Construction of representational Brain-Computer Interaction technology
Research Director:Takufumi Yanagisawa

Year Started : 2017

Title:Interaction techniques for understanding and control of data-driven inteligent information systems
Research Director:Takeo Igarashi

Title:Human-Robot Interaction for Symbiotic Robots in a Public Space in a City.
Research Director:Takayuki Kanda

Title:A study on skill acquisition mechanism and development of skill transfer systems
Research Director:Hideki Koike

Title:An exploration of the principle of emerging interactions in spatiotemporal diversity
Research Director:Ichiro Tsuda

Title:Computational and cognitive neuroscientific approaches for understanding the tender care
Research Director:Atsushi Nakazawa

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