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Real-Time Lightning 3D Imaging and Forecasting Project for Sustainable and Reliable Supply of Energy and Storm Disaster Early Warning

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation


Real-Time Lightning 3D Imaging and Forecasting Project for Sustainable and Reliable Supply of Energy and Storm Disaster Early Warning

Mitigating the damage caused by 200 lightning days a year by nowcasting with advanced observation network

  • SDGs11
  • SDGs09
  • SDGs07

Principal Investigator

    • Prof.
      MORIMOTO Takeshi

      Faculty of Science and Engineering, Kindai University
    • researchmap
    • Associate Prof.
      Mohd Riduan Ahmed

      Faculty of Electronics and Computer Technology and Engineering, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka

ODA Recipient Country


Research Institutions in Japan

Kindai University / Chubu University / Otowa Electric Co.,LTD. / The University of Electro-Communications / Gifu University / University of Fukui

Research Institutions in Counterpart Country

Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka / Universiti Tenaga Nasional

Adoption fiscal year

FY 2022

Research Period

5 Years

Overview of the Research Project

3D imaging of the electric charge distribution in thunderclouds in real time
We are conducting lightning observations on various frequencies of electromagnetic waves, and establishing an observation network to image whole lightning channel development in detail from the micro-discharge in clouds that are precursors of lightning discharge start, how they develop, and where they terminate. We can estimate the locations and the amount of neutralizing charge inside thunderclouds. We are verifying the results of these estimations and improving their accuracy by using the lightning return-stroke current waveforms measured from lightning strikes on tall buildings and in rocket-triggered lightning experiments, to enable the nowcasting of lightning activity.

Use sophisticated lightning data to enable a stable electric power supply and an early warning system for severe weather disaster
Use highly accurate lightning observations and short-term prediction data to switch to a backup power source in places where an outage or voltage fluctuations cannot be permitted, or to maintain power and communications equipment. Investigate the association between lightning activity and rainfall, leading to early warning of heavy precipitation that may cause flood and other damage. Extend these results from the Malacca Strait coastline to neighboring regions.

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Lightning Symposium 2023 at UNITEN


Successful rocket triggered lightning


Conducting preliminary measurements of the electromagnetic wave environment to choose equipment installation sites

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