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Establishment of a Research and Education Complex for Developing Disaster-resilient Societies - MARTEST

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Republic of Turkey

Establishment of a Research and Education Complex for Developing Disaster-resilient Societies - MARTEST

Use disaster mitigation science to reduce the damage from massive active-fault earthquakes!

  • SDGs11
  • SDGs09
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Principal Investigator

    • Designated Prof.
      KANEDA Yoshiyuki

      Designated Prof. / Vice Director of IECMS Institute of Education, Research and Regional Cooperation for Crisis Management Shikoku (IECMS), Kagawa University
    • researchmap
    • Prof.
      Bülent Akbas

      Gebze Technical University / Director MARTEST center.

ODA Recipient Country

Republic of Turkey

Research Institutions in Japan

Kagawa University / Nagoya University / The University of Tokyo / Chuo University / University of Hyogo

Research Institutions in Counterpart Country

Gebze Technical University / Middle East Technical University / Hacettepe University / Yildiz University / KOERI, Bogazici University / Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa / AFAD (Ministry of Interior Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency / Turkey Earthquake Foundation / Turkish Red Crescent (TURKKIZILAY).

Adoption fiscal year

FY 2022

Research Period

5 Years

Overview of the Research Project

Building a resilient society through earthquake-resistance technology and earthquake risk assessments
Turkey has many vulnerable structures, and has experienced severe earthquake damage. To mitigate this earthquake damage, in this project we are conducting research on earthquake-resistance technology, developing an earthquake and tsunami scenario platform, conducting an earthquake risk assessment for the anticipated North Anatolian Fault earthquake (Marmara earthquake) through observational and measurement studies, and promoting earthquake-resistance measures. We are also working to encourage disaster mitigation education using simulation studies and the visualization of disaster images by means of information technology, and enabling the adoption of procedures for proposing recovery plans based on these disaster images.

Preparing for the anticipated Marmara earthquake through disaster mitigation science
Through AFAD (the Turkish disaster management agency), we are contributing to the creation of an earthquake-resilient society by promoting earthquake-resistance technology and training earthquake engineers. This is raising awareness of the risk of the anticipated Marmara earthquake and encouraging the formulation of reconstruction plans by the government. These research outcomes will be extended to Japan, Turkey, and neighboring countries, helping to build resilient societies.

Photo gallery


Illustration of MARTEST (Marmara Earthquake Engineering Test Center)


Sea of Marmara


The study region


Group photograph at a meeting in preparation for holding the JCC at Kagawa University

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