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Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Principal Investigator (Affiliation)
  • SDGs11
  • SDGs6
OHBA Takeshi
(School of Science, Tokai University)
Research Institutions in Japan Tokai University / Toyama University / The University of Tokyo / Osaka University / Kumamoto University / Tohoku University
Research Institutions in Cameroon Institute for Geological and Mining Research (IRGM)
Adoption fiscal year FY 2010
Research Period 5 Years
ODA Recipient Country Republic of Cameroon
General Description of the Research Project

Limnic eruption: a horrifying disaster that took 1,800 lives
Cameroon has many volcanos, some of them with lakes in their craters. In the 1980s, limnic eruptions occurred at two crater lakes, Lake Nyos and Lake Monoun, in which large quantities of CO2 that had collected on the lake bottom suddenly erupted to the surface. 1,800 residents in the three villages at the foot of the volcano died from lack of oxygen, and there are concerns that the gas disaster may recur. This project will study both lakes and attempt to determine the CO2 flows and explain the eruptions that occurred in the past. In addition to simulating limnic eruptions and determining the mechanism that causes them, an organization for monitoring the lakes will be established and comprehensive measures to prevent future disasters will be proposed.

Comprehensive study of two crater lakes in search of clues that will help explain the phenomenon
Analysis is being conducted from various perspectives, including lake water observation, study of CO2 concentration, reaction analysis with surrounding rocks, and explanation of the CO2 supply system. The goal is to establish an organization to continue and expand lake observation and study in order to predict gas disasters at both lakes.

Photo gallery
Large fountain from a CO2 degassing pipe in Lake Nyos

Large fountain from a CO2 degassing pipe in Lake Nyos

Sampling of deep layer lake water

Sampling of deep layer lake water

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