YAMAUCHI Materials Space-Tectonics Project

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Research Director: Yusuke Yamauchi
(Professor, The University of Queensland (UQ) / Visiting Professor, Waseda University / Honorary Group Leader, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS))
Research Term: Oct 2020 - Mar 2026
Grant Number: JPMJER2003


In this ERATO, we will create novel “inorganic nanosolids” containing internal nanospaces, as unprecedented nanospace materials, and develop several methodologies for their effective integration with the aim of exploiting functions obtained based on the synergistic fusion of various supramolecular, photonic, and magnetic behaviors occurring in nanospace. We will cover a wide range of various porous systems such as metals, carbons, sulfides, phosphides, transition metal oxides, etc. We will efficiently combine ‘machine learning’ with our inorganic synthesis methods to accelerate the optimization of synthetic parameters for the design of target materials, and to select proper patterns of combination of each inorganic block for the integration of materials.




Research Groups

・ Nano-dimensional control group (Waseda University)
・ Nano-structural control group (NIMS and UQ)
・ Nano-hybrid materials group (NIMS)
・ Nano-materials informatics group (NIMS)
・ Nano-materials characterization group (Waseda University)


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