NAKAJIMA Designer Nanocluster Assembly

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Research Director: Atsushi NAKAJIMA
(Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University)
Research Term: 2009-2014



Nanoclusters of 1- 10 nm size range can be regarded as the smallest and tunable function units, and we explored to newly design the cluster-based, nanoassembled functional systems. We focused to establish new nano-materials science consisting of nanoclusters through fine controlled synthesis, designer assembly, characterization of advanced functional nanoclusters. In particular, we focused metal atom-encapsulating silicon cage clusters and organometallic sandwich clusters, and also to characterize their electronic properties. With uniform immobilization of the nanoclusters with the aid of self-assembled monolayers, the electronic and optical properties of the formed nanocluster materials were investigated, and a new electronic- and optomagneto-nanodevices consisting of functional nanoclusters were developed.



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