MAENAKA Human-Sensing Fusion

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Research Director: Kazusuke MAENAKA
(Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Hyogo)
Research Term: 2007-2012



The declining birthrate, the graying of society, the increasing incidence of so-called "lifestyle diseases": these and other problems have stimulated greater interest in issues of safety, welfare and health care. We would like to avoid dying alone, or dying from overwork, fatal injury or simply neglecting our health. It would help if we could use wearable sensors to monitor our physical condition and our immediate environment and, when necessary, summon help automatically. Now, finally, such a system is possible.

We aim to develop a human body monitoring system by integrating wireless communication devices, power generation devices, and sensors which can detect vital parameters such as blood pressure and pulse or sphygmogram and physical parameters resulting from human movement and the surrounding circumstances.



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