KOBAYASHI Highly Functionalized Reaction Environments


Research Director: Dr. Shu Kobayashi
(Professor, School of Science, The University of Tokyo)
Research Term: 2003-2008


Promotion of a green chemistry is indispensable to continue and to develop of the human race, and a high-priority issue with the chemistry this century. In this project, an advanced function was given to a reactive place by precisely designing “Place” where the chemical reaction happened (construction of a high performance and reactive place), and it aimed at the construction of highly effective and an environmental harmony type chemical process where this had been used. It began from the pure research into “Organic, synthetic reaction in solution” and “Immobilized catalyst that was reusable of the high activity and the collection”, and high selective the incompetent synthesis reaction, and various and high performance polymer fixation making catalyst and the environmental harmony type oxidation reaction and the energy saving type reduction reaction, etc. in complete water that used them were achieved. As a result, it greatly contributes to the construction of resource and energy conservation and an environmental preservation type chemical process, and practical use research “Basic, technological development of process of a green sustainable chemical project (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)” that assumes these results to be a base has started since this project final fiscal year.

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