AIHARA Complexity Modelling


Research Director: Kazuyuki Aihara
(Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo)
Research Term: 2003-2008


It based on to the insight to individual and the distinctiveness of a field lateral, basic theory that pursues universality and generality and an individual phenomenon to understand existing complex various phenomena, and a nonlinear, systematic understanding becomes important. In this project, mathematical principle engineering and the chaos engineering are constructed and a basic theory concerning “Complex mathematical principle model” that relates to various fields of the nonlinear science, life sciences, the medicine, the information science, and engineering, etc. is constructed in the base. The research was advanced aiming at mathematical principle systematization of “Complex mathematical principle model” theory by progressing the various applied researches, and feeding back the result to the basic theory research further. Especially 1) the research and development and 2 of the basic technologies of complex systems and the brain type computing) the nonlinear analytic theory of a complex system, the research and development of the analysis tools, and 3) It emphatically worked on the research and development of the complex mathematical principle modeling technique of in the cell and the cell group system. The basic theory constructed with this project for the future is assumed to be a base, and it aims at the development of a variety of applied mathematical principle researches.

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