3rd (Year Started 2013) Research Director

足立 幸志

Koshi Adachi (Professor, Tohoku University)

Creation of Nanointerface Controlled by Tribochemical Reaction for Mechanical Systems with Super-low Friction

小林 光

Hikaru Kobayashi (Professor, Osaka University)

Achievement of ultra-low reflectivity by interface control method and ultra-high conversion efficiency of crystalline Si solar cells

長尾 忠昭

Tadaaki Nagao (Group Leader, National Institue for Materials Science)

Interface Electromagnetic Field Controlling and Thermal Energy Utilization by Ceramics Heterolayers

圓山 重直

Shigenao Maruyama (Professor, Tohoku University)

Breakthrough on multi-scale interfacial transport phenomena in oceanic methane hydrate reservior and application to large-scale methane production