Asian Science Camp 2013

Science is great challenge mind. ASC can open up your creative ability.

Poster Presentation

The team should work together, in particular in the Group Activity 1 on August 26th, and Poster Preparation sessions on 28th, 29th and 30th. The team prepares one poster to be presented at the Poster Presentation session in the afternoon of Friday, August 30th.
Instructors and Assistants help students in the Poster Preparation sessions.
The poster should contain the knowledge and information that students obtain through the Lectures and Camps, and be drawn up by handwriting and pasting printed pictures on an A0 size paper.

At the Poster Presentation session, a committee reviews and selects three posters for the Gold, Silver and Blonze awards. Members in each team should stand in front of their poster for the explanation.

At the same time, students should also visit and review posters of other teams, and have a vote to determine the best poster(s) selected by themselves. Members in two to three groups are awarded as “Best Players” based on the voting.