Asian Science Camp 2013

Science is great challenge mind. ASC can open up your creative ability.

Activities and Tours

Group Activity 1

In the evening of Monday, August 26th, students do a“warming-up” practice for Poster Preparation sessions. During the lunch and dinner hours, students should introduce themselves to the other team members and get to know each other. In the Group Activity 1, each team is requested to make a presentation, by drawing pictures on a white board, on some keywords from the Lectures and Camps on the first day. Instructors and Assistants are with the students to work together and facilitate the activity.

Group Activity 2

In the evening of Tuesday, August 27th, we invite you to experience Japanese culture such as Origami, a Japanese traditional folk art of paper folding, Shodo or calligraphy, and Yosakoi, a form of traditional dance from Kochi Prefecture in Shikoku (one of the main islands of Japan).


Four types of excursions by bus are planned for Thursday, August 29th. Firstly, in the morning we visit one of the research institutes and science facilities. Then we travel a little further to Oedo Onsen Monogatari in Tokyo, where you have a lunch of Japanese food, can enjoy (wearing) a Japanese casual kimono, called Yukata, and Japanese traditional culture of the Edo period in 1603-1868. In the late afternoon, we visit Asakusa, a major tourist area where the oldest temple in Tokyo, called Senso-ji, and one of the oldest shopping centers are located. We hope you enjoy a glimpse of Japan's history, culture, science and technology.