Asian Science Camp 2013

Science is great challenge mind. ASC can open up your creative ability.


Seven plenary lectures are given by the Leaders during August 26th, 27th and 28th. Each lecture is in 90 minutes, including the time for questions and answers in 30 minutes. Students should attend all the lectures.


The “Camp” in ASC 2013 is a discussion session between students and one of the Leaders. Five Camp slots are arranged during August 26th, 27th and 28th. In each slot, three to four Camps are held in parallel.. Each Camp is in 75 minutes. Students should attend all the Camp slots. Each Camp starts with a short presentation by the Leader, followed by the discussion among the Leader and students. An Associate to each Leader, chosen from young Professors in the universities and institutes in Japan, chairs the Camp and helps the Leader to stimulate the discussion. The ASC 2013 students are divided into teams, five to six students in each, at the Group Orientation on Monday, August 26th. All the members of a team should attend the same Camp together in the slots. The ASC 2013 organizers decide which team should attend which Camp according to the requests submitted in the Group Orientation session.

Students should learn and get information on scientific knowledge through Lectures and Camps and prepare their own Posters in the unit of the team they belong to.