International Joint Research

Japan-Philippines Joint Call for Proposals

The Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and the Philippines Department of Science and Technology (DOST), in order to promote international research interaction and exchange among researchers, are jointly calling proposals for Japan‒the Philippines collaborative research projects in the field of “Water Security.” The joint call is opened for teams with principal investigators (PIs) from Japan and the Philippines.

Please refer to the DOST webpagefor the Philippines-side applications.

Research Field

Water Security
  1. 1. Advanced materials and technology for innovative water desalination
  2. 2. Sustainable management and optimization of water resources
    1. 2-1. Sustainable water management for island and remote communities
    2. 2-2. Smart water management systems in urbanized communities
  3. 3. Resilience for water supply
    1. 3-1. Water infrastructure safety and resilience
    2. 3-2. Baseline monitoring of emerging water contaminants

Program Officer (Japan-side PO)

Hiroaki Furumai (Institute Professor, Research and Development Initiative, Chuo University)


Proposal submission deadline (via e-Rad) Wednesday, July 24, 2024, at 13:00, Japan time
Document review August to September 2024
Notification of results October 2024 (tentative)
Projects start January 2025 (tentative)

Application Guidelines and Forms

Application guidelines PDF
Application guidelines (appendix for Japan-side PIs) PDF
Joint application form (proposal) Word
Japanese application form (appendix for Japan-side PIs) Word
e-Rad manual (in Japanese) PDF
FAQ (in Japanese) PDF

How to Apply (for Japan-side PIs)

Please complete the joint application forms above and submit them via e-Rad (The Cross-ministerial R&D Management System). This system is the designated platform for Japan-side PIs to submit their forms.

  • Both applicants, Japan-side and Philippines-side PIs, must prepare an identical proposal, which they must then submit to JST from the Japan-side PI and to DOST from the Philippines-side PI, respectively.
  • The Japan-side PI must also submit another Japanese application form (appendix for Japan-side PIs).
  • Both PIs must ensure no differences in the content of the proposals submitted to JST and DOST. Submitting all required documents to both JST and DOST by the deadline is crucial, as failure to do so will result in the proposal not being accepted.
  • Proposals only with the joint application forms above will be accepted.

Please refer to the DOST webpage for the Philippines-side PI.


  • The "Confirmation Form (確認書 in the Japanese application form (appendix for Japan-side PIs))" must be stamped by the head of the institution. Please note that in the case of a university/college, it is the president, not the dean. There is no need to mail the original. If you omit the official seal, please follow the prescribed procedure at your institution before submitting the form.
  • Japan-side PIs must have completed a research ethics training program at their institution and then declare the completion of the program to JST by the deadline of the call for proposals. Unless applicants complete a research ethics training program, their application will be deemed ineligible for funding. For details, please refer to the application guidelines (appendix for Japan-side PIs, 公募要領 別紙).


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