[Trustworthy AI]The fundamental technologies for Trustworthy AI

Strategic Objective

Trusted AI

Research supervisor


Hiroki Arimura(Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Hokkaido University)


 Systems and services utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are continuing to expand in society due to the rapid progress of mathematical sciences and information technology, and spread of the information environment such as networks and big data. This use of AI technology is expected to make it possible for all people to receive appropriate, high quality service in a Human-centric AI society, where people can demonstrate their individual abilities in harmony with society. On the other hand, recent efforts on realizing trustworthy AI systems that skillfully perform tasks that are important for people and society, have revealed a variety of weaknesses and limitations of the current AI technology, represented by deep learning, related to explainability, transparency, accountability, and fairness . Moreover, policies for the trustworthiness, safety, and quality assurance of so-called AI systems incorporating AI technology as a whole, and for the use of AI in harmony with society, with human beings as the starting point, are also necessary.
 In this research area, our aim is to create the innovative theory and technology that will form the basis for next-generation AI technologies which break through the limitations of the current AI technology, toward the realization of Human-centric AI society. Rather than a simple extension of conventional AI technologies, we focus on the essential problems of current AI technologies and AI systems, promoting challenging research aimed at conceptualizing and formulating the problems that require solution from new perspectives, and solving those problems.
 Concretely, we conduct researches on 1) basic technology on novel mathematical, computational, and analytical techniques for overcoming the weaknesses and difficulties of the current generation of AI technology, and 2) conceptualization and formulation of new AI application tasks in Human-centric AI society, including the trustworthiness, robustness, transparency, and fairness AI systems, together with new principles for their configuration and new technologies for their realization, 3) technologies for assurance of the trustworthiness, safety, and privacy of the data and information infrastructure supporting AI systems, 4) extension of AI technology to diverse data and tasks in the real world and 5) methodologies for the design, development, and operation of AI systems.
 It should be noted that this research area is administered as part of the Advanced Integrated Intelligence Platform (AIP Project) for integration of AI, big data, IoT, and cybersecurity of Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

Research Area Advisors

Fuyuki Ishikawa Associate Professor, Information Systems Architecture Science Research Division, National Insititute of Informatics
Takeaki Uno Professor, Principles of Informatics division, National Insititute of Informatics
Naohiko Uramoto Senior Executive Officer & Head of Data Intelligence Strategy Center, DX Strategy, Kao Corporation
Kazunori Ohno Specially Appointed Professor, New Industry Creation Hatchery Center, Tohoku University
Naoaki Okazaki Professor, Department of Computer Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Hisashi Kashima Professor, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University
Jun Sakuma Professor, School of Computing, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Yuko Sakurai Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology
Osamu Sakura Professor, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, The University of Tokyo/Team Leader, Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP), RIKEN
Tadahiro Taniguchi Professor, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University
Yukie Nagai Project Professor, International Research Center for Neurointelligence, The University of Tokyo
Hironobu Fujiyoshi Professor, College of Science and Engineering, Chubu University
Tomoko Matsui Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Statistical Mathematics, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Daichi Mochihashi Associate Professor, Department of Statistical Inference and Mathematics, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Satoshi Morinaga Executive Research Fellow, Data Science Research Laboratories, NEC Corporation

Research Projects

  1. Year Started : 2020
  2. Year Started : 2021
  3. Year Started : 2022

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