[Aki-Hiro Sato] Evaluation Platform for Sustainability of Global Systems

Research Director

Aki-Hiro Sato

Aki-Hiro Sato

Graduate School of Nanobioscience, Yokohama City Universityy
Project Professor


UNEP has promoted sustainable production and consumption (SPC) in its 10YFP since 2013. There are five branches (consumer information, sustainable lifestyle and education, sustainable public procurement, sustainable building and construction and sustainable tourism) in the 10YFP. This research project focuses on sustainable tourism in the SCP and attempts to construct an evaluation platform to monitor states of a tourism sector based on data from finance, transport and tourism. It develops a system to measure regional sustainability from several dimensions (economics, labor force, social structure, capacity, and energy and material consumption) regarding an interaction between the system and a real world.

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