[Takuya Tsujiguchi] Development of direct formic acid fuel cell realizing the alternative to the polymer electrolyte fuel cell

Presto Researcher

Takuya Tsujiguchi
School of Science and Engineering, Kanazawa University
Associate Professor


I’m trying to develop High power direct formic acid fuel cell, DFAFC, which is a cmparable to that of polymer electrolyte fuel cell, PEFC. Formic acid is one of a superior energy carrier it can be directly supplied to the DFAFC whthout reformer. However, the power density of the DFAFC is much lower than that of PEFC, therefore, the it is difficult to use DFAFC for the vehicle and stationary. In this study, I challenge to develop the novel catalyst whic shows excellent activety twords the formic acid oxidataion, and develop the high power, which is a same level to that of PEFC, DFAFC by using the novel catalyst.

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