[Humans and Interactions] Year Started : 2017

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Kaoru Amano

Development of a userfrindly and efficient wearable device that mutually interacts with brain


I will develop a userfriendly and efficinet wearable device that mutually interacts with brain by incorporating techniques to non-invasively measure and manipulate neural states. More specifically, the timing of information presentation is decided based on the amplitude, phase and frequency of neural oscillations, while desirable states of neural oscillations are induced by non-invasive manipulative techniques such as electric current stimuatlion.

Yuta Itoh

Construction of image augmentation technology framework for advanced perceptual information presensation towards vision augmentation


Driven by my research vision on “extending human perception with computers,” I have pursued research on vision augmentation (VA). VA is a techniuque that aims support our vision via computers by applying augmented reality (AR) technology. In this proposal, we will develop an image presentation technology that projects images that are comparable to reality, which is a key to the VA technology. In particular, we aim to improve the image reproducibility of optical see-through head mounted display (HMD) and developes unique VA applications.

Gou Koutaki

Development of fundamental technology on coding of physical medium based display


Displays of next generation such as multi-view display, physical medium based displays using physical materials, ultrasonic sound and plasma have developed in recent. In this study, we aim to develop a new coding technique of those displays. We formulate the display model using matrix factorization with physical constraints.

Yuta Sugiura

Foundation System for Self-rehabilitation


Due to the increase in the number of patients with orthopedic diseases accompanying the aging population, it is a social problem that rehabilitation patients overflow from hospitals. In this research, we propose a system for patients to rehabilitate in community care systems and a living environment outside hospitals using IoT technology.

Kuniharu Takei

Device platform study of continuous multi-functional healthcare and environmental data analytic system


This study aims to develop real-time health condition and environmental monitoring and to study their correlation between the these information. For this purpose, comfortable and flexible healthcare and environmental sensor sheet system will be developed as a first proof-of-concept. This platform may be able to realize comfortable and healthy human life for next generation smart society.

Takuji Narumi

Ghost Engineering: Cognitive Human Augmentation through Transformation of Body Perception


The purpose of this research is to support individuals to change their own mental state and cognition appropriately through experiences of physical extension using virtual reality and human augmentation technologies. This project challenges to realize techniques which enhance positive psychological effects or suppress cognitive biases that hinder flexible thinking by utilizing communication environments that modify our body perception with virtual reality. By constructing these techniques, this project aims to realize an information environment which promotes mutual understanding among people.

Yuki Hashimoto

Augmentation of Foot Sole Interaction using an Indirect Tactile Presentation Method


This research aims to establish an indirect, efficient and wide-ranging foot sole tactile presentation method using tactile illusion, and develop a footwear that enhances sole function required for physical exercise and behavior in daily life using the method. With this footwear, a user can obtain an environment can constantly feed back tactile information according to user’s position and motion to the sole. It is expected that this footwear will support all body movements and behaviors through the sole of the foot and activate people’s activities.

Yasutoshi Makino

Estimation of Properties of Touching Objects and Prediction of Body Motion Based on Measurement of Human Behavior


This research observes human behavior to estimate 1) properties of touching objects and 2) near-future body motion by using Machine-Learning. 1) When people touches an object, its physical properties such as superficial texture, softness and weight will appear on how they touch. The system estimates those parameters by measuring how people touch and manipulate the objects. 2) Measurement of human behavior also enables to predict near-future body motion as the preliminary motion appears before the main action. This prediction can be used to reduce delays in remote communication system.

Yuji Yamakawa

Creation of real-time interaction by high-speed sensing and robot


This project tries to develop human-robot cooperative system for next-generation real-time interaction based on high-speed and low-delay response by high-speed sensor network and visual control of robots. As a concrete human-robot cooperative task, this project also realizes motion synchronization, cooperative action, motor function expansion, and creates new interaction technology between humans and robots.

Natsue Yoshimura

Development of a self care support system based on electroencephalography


The project aims to support individual self-care of mental and physical health using a brain-machine interface based on electroencephalography. Brain activity signals are expected to reveal mental fluctuation and motion adjustment ability so that individuals can monitor mental and physical conditions and find covert risks before they becomes serious symptoms. The proposed system will provide health indices through self-monitoring on daily basis.

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