[Tomoya Ishizuka] Development of Supramolecular Catalysts toward Methane Oxidation

Research Director

Tomoya Ishizuka

Tomoya Ishizuka

University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
Associate Professor


In this study, we plan to synthesize iron-oxo complexes having high valence number of the iron center through precise design of pi-conjugated ligands, and to achieve efficient methane oxidation using high oxidation reactivity of the iron-oxo complexes. We also plan to incorporate the iron complex as a building block into porous metal-organic frameworks to adsorb methane molecules into the hydrophobic pores for its efficient oxidation. The hydrophobicity of the inside walls of the metal-organic frameworks also assists active ejection of hydrophilic products of methane oxidation from the pores, which results in restraint on over-functionalization of methane.

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