[Takahiro Matsumoto] Light-driven methane oxidation in a fuel cell

Research Director

Takahiro Matsumoto's Photo

Takahiro Matsumoto

Kyushu University
Graduate School of Engineering
Associate Professor


The purpose of this project is to develop novel catalysts for light-driven methane oxidation in a fuel cell system. Methane is quite difficult to oxidize to methanol due to its high C-H bond dissociation energy. To overcome such high activation barrier, light energy can be used through metal-based catalysts. In addition to the use of light energy, the fuel cell can be utilized as an electron transfer device from anode to cathode during methane oxidation. In anode with metal-based catalysts, methane acts as electron donor, which is oxidized to methanol. In cathode with metal-based catalysts, dioxygen acts as electron acceptor to form a metal-based reactive oxygen species, which should oxidize methane to methanol. Combination of light energy and fuel cell via metal-based catalysts is capable of constructing a novel methane oxidation system.

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