[Kai Kunze] Collective Open Eyewear- Glasses to Augment the Intelligence of Society

Research Director

Kai Kunze

Kai Kunze

Keio University
Graduate school of Media Design


Attention and focus are finite resources, and we need to use it smartly. We need new tools to manage our attention better, to augment our intelligence. There are patterns in human physiological signals (facial expressions, heart rate, eye movements, blinks, etc.) that can reveal information about intentions and cognition of individuals and groups. This project explores these patterns using an Open Eyewear Platform to understand our behavior better. So, people can optimize for their own personal and societal goals. We suggest an Open Eyewear Platform, a toolset to quantify cognitive functions and design interactions to augment behavior. This project is interdisciplinary research focusing on the use of patterns in physiological signals to quantify and improve our daily behavior using a smart glasses design. First, we assess the link between physiological signals and behavior. In a second step, we explore interactions to improve it: learn smarter, work smarter, live smarter.

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