[Mako Kamiya] Single cell analysis by using multifunctional fluorescence probes

Presto Researcher

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Mako Kamiya

Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo


Single cell analysis has become increasingly important research area for understanding the heterogeneity of cell population and defining the specific cell types or cell states in complex networks of tissues or individuals. At present, most of the single cell analyses have been performed in a destructive way, however, there must be essential information that only living cells have. Therefore, this project aims at developing a novel fluorescence imaging tool to elucidate biological phenomena/informations in living cells with single cell resolution, and to understand characterisctics and states of indivisual cells in a non-destructive way. More precisely, by developing multi-functional fluorescence probes based on organic chemistry, physical chemistry and photo-chemistry, the dynamics and the heterogeneities in enzymatic activities, pH gradients, redox states and so on will be examined in indivisual cells.

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