[Shoichi Kubo] Creation of chiral nano-templates through controlled nano-spaces towards visible frequency metamaterials

Research Director

Shoichi Kubo

Shoichi Kubo

Research Center for Functional Materials, National Institute for Materials Science
Senior Researcher


The aim of the project is to create chiral nano-templates by self-organization of liquid crystalline (LC) polymers and to fabricate gold nanocoils with a feature size of sub-100 nm towards visible frequency metamaterials. Chiral nano-templates will be realized by introduction of controlled nanospaces in LC polymers to accept functional chiral molecules and assistance of nanospaces to regulate the formation of self-organized structures. The project includes interdisciplinary study to develop innovative optical devices through the molecular-level nanospaces, formation of high-order structures of polymers, and selective metallization in nanospaces towards the fabrication of gold nanocoils.

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