Direct Observation of Hereroatoms in Zeolite Frameworks and Control of their Atomic Sites

Presto Researcher

Yasuhiro Sakamoto

Japan Science and Technology Agency
PRESTO Researcher

Research Outline

Heteroatoms work as active sites in zeolite frameworks and their distributions are crucial for selective catalytic reactions. However, their precise atomic sites have not been identified yet. This makes it difficult to control the atomic sites of heteroatoms in the frameworks, and hence catalytic properties of the zeolites. TEM observation of the zeolite frameworks at atomic resolution has been challenging, since the zeolites are extremely beam-sensitive and easily get damage under electron beam irradiation. In this project, I will directly image the heteroatoms in the zeolite frameworks by state-of-the-art electron microscope, and get the knowledge to control their atomic sites.

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