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The 1st Researchers
Yuji Ikegaya Hiroshi Kawasaki Kimura, Kotaro Kosaka Tomoyuki Kamon Sanada
Kyoko Shinya Shiro Suetsugu Makoto Sugita Hiroto Tanaka Masaki Tanaka
Nakahara, Kiyoshi Chie Hosokawa Kazuki Horikawa Hisao Moriya Kimiko Yamamoto

Masaki Tanaka  Result

(13) A.Kunimatsu,M.Tanaka" Roles of the primate motor thalamus in the generation of anti-saccades. " J. Neurosci.2011 Jun. 33(11)2046-57
(12) Oral Presentation:M.Tanaka"Roles of the thalamus in voluntary eye movements . " at the International Symposium--New Perspectives on Neural Mechanisms of Cognition and Action(2009)
(11) Oral Presentation:M.Tanaka "Thalamic roles in voluntary eye movements . " at the 8th annual meeting of Chinese Society of Psycho-Neuroscience(2009)
(10) Oral Presentation:"Manipulation of the timing of self-initiated saccades by electrical stimulation of the primate dorsomedial frontal cortex."and "Properties of top-down signals in the primate frontal cortex during covert tracking of a moving object." at the 36th International Congress of Physiological Sciences (IUPS2009) on Jul.28,30 2009.
(9) Oral Presentation:"Neuronal correlates of covert tracking of visual stimuli in the prefrontal cortex"and "Effects of microstimulation in the primate dorsomedial frontal cortex on the timing of self-initiated saccades" at the 19th Annual Meeting of Neural Control of Movement(Hawaii) on May 1,2, 2009
(8) M.Tanaka,A.Kunimatsu,"Thalamic roles in eye movements."Oxford Handbook on Eye Movements, in press
(7) A.Yoshida,M.Tanaka "Neuroral activity in the primate globus pallidus during smooth pursuit eye movements" NeuroReport 20:121-125,2009
(6) Oral Presentation:"Involvement of the primate motor thalamus in the generation of anti-saccade","Neuronal modulation during covert tracking of a moving object in primate frontal cortex" at the 38th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (2008)
(5) Yoshida A.,Tanaka M.,"Enhanced modulation of neuronal activity during antisaccades in the primate globus pallidus."Cerebral Cortex (Advanced online publication doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhn069)(2008)
(4) Masaki Tanaka was awarded the Young Scientists' Prize on the Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on April 15, 2008 Dr.Ikegaya,Dr.Iwasaki,Dr.Tanaka
(3) Invitation Lecture:"Volitional control of eye movements by the thalamus and the basal ganglia"at the HFSP International Workshop on Neural Control of Attention, Perception and Learning.(Okinawa,Japan) on Jan.8 2008.
(2) Tanaka M."Cognitive signals in the primate motor thalamus predict saccade timing." J Neurosci.27(44):12109-18 (2007)
(1) Yoshida A.,Tanaka M." Antisaccade signals in the primate globus pallidus." at the 37th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (2007)
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