Phenomena of Extreme Conditions

Research Supervisor

Masashi Tachiki

Year Started : FY1997

Minoru Akaishi
Supervising Researcher, National Institute for Materials Science
Experimental Study for Elucidating Genesis of Natural Single and Polycrystalline diamonds Using High Pressure Process
Mitsuo Ataka
Group Leader, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Protein Crystal Grouwth under Virtual Gravity Generated by Use of Magnetic Force
Tadayuki Imanaka
Professor, Kyoto University
Isolation and Application of Microorganisms from Extreme Subterranean Environment
Yasuo Endoh
Professor, Tohoku University
Dynamical Structure Exploration of Orbital – Novel Degree of Freedom -
Kazumasa Togano
Director, National Institute for Materials Science
Achievement of Large Undercooling and Formation of New Functional Materials
Hiroyuki Fujita
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Visualization and Control of Physical Phenomena in Extremely High and Localized Electric Fields
Mitsuhiro Motokawa
Honorary Professor, Tohoku University
Creation of Novel Materials in High Magnetic Fields

Year Started : FY1996

Takehiko Ishiguro
Professor, Kyoto University
Exactly Aligned High Magnetic Field Study of Low-Dimensional Metals and Superconductors
Shoichi Endo
Professor, Osaka University
Generation of Complex Extreme Conditions of Pressure, Magnetic Field and Low Temperature to Search for New Phenomena
An-Pang Tsai
Team Leader, National Institute for Materials Science
Fabrication of Quasicrystals and Investigation of Physical Properties
Masatoshi Sato
Professor, Nagoya University
Search and Design for Low Dimensional Anomalous Metals
Kenji Sumiyama
Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology
The Extreme Control of Structure and Magnetism in Alloy Cluster Assembled Materials
Tsutomu Yamashita
Professor, Tohoku University
High Frequency Devices with Cuprate Single Crystal Superconductors

Year Started : FY1995

Katsutoshi Aoki
Chief Senior Researcher, National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research
Pressure-Tuned Quantum-Mechanical Phenomena in Hydrogen-Bonded Systems
Kenji Abiko
Associate Professor, Tohoku University
Science of Ultra-High Purity Base Metals
Kazuo Kadowaki
Professor, University of Tsukuba
Elucidation of Critical States of Superconductors under Extreme Physical Environment
Koichi Kitazawa
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Microscopic Resolution of Phase and Amplitude of Electronic Wave in Solids
Ken-ichi Kondo
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Shock-Wave Dynamics and Stimulated New Chemical Processes
Mikio Takano
Professor, Kyoto University
Synthesis of Antiferromagnetic Quantum Spin Ladder Compounds and Their Novel Properties
Hiroshi Tsunemi
Professor, Osaka University
Development of Fine Pixel Size CCD for X-ray Measurement
Satoshi Mori
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Strategies of the Plants Tolerant to the Critical Stress Soils


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