Single Molecule and Atom Level Reactions

Research Supervisor

Akio Yamamoto

Year Started : FY1997

Masahiro Irie
Professor, Kyushu University
Development of Photochromic Systems with Perfect Performance
Okitsugu Kajimoto
Professor, Kyoto University
Chemical Reactions in Supercritical Fluids under the Controlled Microscopic Molecular Environment
Hiroharu Suzuki
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Design and Construction of Multimetallic Reaction Sites and Development of Metal Cluster-catalyzed Reactions
Masahiro Hirama
Professor, Tohoku University
Supramolecular Natural and Non-natural Products – Reaction Control and Molecular Design
Makoto Fujita
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Self-organizing Molecular Systems Utilizing Transition Metals
Kazuko Matsumoto
Professor, Waseda University
Development of Metal-Complex Probes for Biomolecule Analysis

Year Started : FY1996

Toshihiro Ando
Senior Research Scientist, National Institute for Materials Science
Synthesis and Chemical Modification of Diamond Surfaces; Diamond Surface Reactions and their Mechanisms
Hideomi Koinuma
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Combinatorial Molecular Layer Epitaxy of Low Dimensional Superstructures
Shu Kobayashi
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Development of New Reactions toward Efficient Synthesis of Structually Distinct Molecules
Isao Saito
Professor, Kyoto University
Design of Bio-functional Molecules and Reaction Control based on Molecular Recognition
Masato Tanaka
Director, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Creation of New Substances and Reactions via Activation of Inter-heteroatom Bonds
Yoshiaki Nakahara
Professor, Tokai University
Synthetic Approaches to the 20kDa molecules of Glycoprotein

Year Started : FY1995

Yasuhiro Aoyama
Professor, Kyushu University
Construction of Novel Organic Zeolite Catalysts
Yasuhiro Iwasawa
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Chemical Design of Advanced Structures and Reaction Control at Surfaces
Yuji Ohashi
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
X-Ray Analysis of Molecular Structure in Excited State
Eishun Tsuchida
Professor, Waseda University
Tohru Fukuyama
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Stereoselective Synthesis of Complex Organic Molecules Based on catalyst with Ultrafine Structures
Kaoru Yamanouchi
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Control of Photochemical Reactions in a Femto-second Time Scale
Hisashi Yamamoto
Professor, Nagoya University
Highly Selective Molecular Synthesis of Next Generation


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