Research and Development of System Technologies for Resource Recycling and Minimum Energy Requirement

Research Supervisor

Masaru Hirata

Year Started : FY2000

Haruo Inoue
Dean, Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Development of Artificial Photosynthetic System Using Water as Electron Source
Ken-ichiro Ota
Professor, Yokohama National University
Design of Quasi-3-dimensional Interface for Electrochemical Energy Conversion
Hikaru Kobayashi
Professor, Osaka University
Thin Layer Silicon Solar Cells Using New Chemical Bonds
Hitoshi Takamura
Associate Professor, Tohoku University
Development of High Performance Natural Gas Reforming System for Home Use Fuel Cells
Atsushi Tsutsumi
Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
Energy and Material Co-production Systems for Minimizing the Exeregy Loss and CO2 Emission
Hiroshi Tsuno
Professor, Kyoto University
Development of Resources Recycling Type Urban Wastewater and Solid Waste Processing System

Year Started : FY1999

Yutaka Ikushima
Deputy Director, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology
Development of Resourse Recycling and Low Emission Type Material Production using
Environmentally Friendly Function Fluid
Kenjiro Suzuki
Professor, Shibaura Institute of Technology
Micro Gas Turbine/Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Hybrid Cycle for Distributed Energy System
Masamitsu Funaoka
Professor, Mie University
Functionality Control and Circulation of Phytomaterials
Itaru Yasui
Vice-Rector, United Nations University
Development of Information Technology for Public Acceptance on Environment
Masahiro Watanabe
Professor, Yamanashi University
Development of High-Temperature-Operating Direct Methanol Fuel Cells

Year Started : FY1998

Zempachi Ogumi
Professor, Kyoto University
Elucidation of Interfacial Ion Transfer for High-power Energy Conversion Devices
Toshihiro Ona
Associate Professor, Kyushu University
Development of Forest Resources with High Performance for Paper Recycling
Masami Fukuda
Professor, Hokkaido University
Permafrost Disturbance and Induced Emission of Green-house Gases – Tasks for predictive and controlling technique establishment -
Jun Magoshi
Researcher, National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences
Energy Efficient Polymer Processing Development
Kouichi Yamada
Professor, Shinshu University
A Sustainable CO2 Fixation System by Afforestation on Arid Land


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