Creation and Functions of New Molecules and Molecular Assemblies

Research Supervisor

Hideki Sakurai

Year Started : FY2000

Tsutomu Katsuki
Professor, Kyushu University
Construction of Multifunctional Catalysts for New-Generation Synthesis
Toshimi Shimizu
Center Chief, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Functional High-Axial-Ratio Nanostructure Assembly for Nano-Space Engineering
Koji Tanaka
Professor, National Institutes of Natural Sciences
Construction of Molecular Device for Chemical Energy Conversion
Yoshito Tobe
Professor, Osaka University
Creation of Giant Pi-Electronic Systems Composed by Carbon Atoms of Mixed Hybridization
Hachiro Nakanishi
Professor, Tohoku University
Preparation and Characterization of Organic Nanocrystals and their Hetero-Nanostructures

Year Started : FY1999

Isao Kuwajima
Professor, The Kitasato University
Total Synthesis of Natural Products of Highly Ordered Structure; Exploration and Creation of Anticancer-Active Sub
Keisuke Suzuki
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Development of Efficient Synthetic Routes to Hybrid Natural Products of Biological Importance
Junzo Tanaka
Center Chief, National Institute for Materials Science
Self-Organization of Inorganic Nanocrystals and Polymers, and Creation of Materials Derived from Living Tissues
Shunichi Fukuzumi
Professor, Osaka University
Development of Efficient and Selective Catalytic Systems Composed of Organic and Inorganic Complexes in Photoinduced Electron
Ken-ichi Yoshikawa
Professor, Kyoto University
Self-Evolutional Nano-Structure in Polymer Systems: Exotic Functions with Unique High-Ordered Structure

Year Started : FY1998

Yoshiaki Kobuke
Professor, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Total Construction of Energy Conversion and Signal Transduction Systems in Biology
Tamotsu Takahashi
Professor, Hokkaido University
Development of Next Generation Process of Transformation
Kazuo Tachibana
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Functional Control of Membrane-bound Proteins based on Assembly Formation
Kazunari Domen
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Development of Inorganic Supramolecular Systems for Energy Conversion
Michiya Fujiki
Professor, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Syntheses of the Cooperative Hyper Helical Polymers and Understanding of Structure-Property-Functionaly Relationship


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