Development, Differentiation, and Regeneration in Biological Systems

Research Supervisor

Yoshiki Hotta

Year Started : FY2002 

Keiichi Nakayama
Professor, Kyushu University
Activation of Regeneration by Promoted Reentry into Cell Cycle
Yasushi Hiromi
Professor, National Institute of Genetics
Organizing the Nervous System through Intracellular Pattering
Fumio Matsuzaki
Group Director, RIKEN
Genetic Programs for Neuronal Diversity and Brain Formation

Year Started : FY2001

Takashi Kadowaki
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Mechanism and Regulation of Adipocyte de-differentiation or "transformation"
Hitoshi Sakano
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Generation and Regeneration of Olfactory Neural Network
Noriyuki Satoh
Professor, Kyoto University
Large-Scale Analysis of Novel Function of Specific Developmental Genes
Masaharu Noda
Professor, National Institutes of Natural Sciences
Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Regional Specification, Topographic Projection and Regeneration of the Optic Nerve

Year Started : FY2000

Tadashi Uemura
Professor, Kyoto University
Single-cell Patterning: Investigation of Regulatory Mechanisms of Cell Polarization
Hideyuki Okano
Professor, Keio University
Study on the Development and Regeneration of the Central Nervous System Based on the Stem Cell Biology
Hitoshi Okamoto
Group Director, RIKEN
Genetic Dissection of Neural Network Formation
Satoru Kobayashi
Professor, National Institutes of Natural Sciences
Clarification of the Mechanisms Underlying Germ Cell Formation and its Application to Mammalian Development
Tadaomi Takenawa
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Signaling of Cell Migration and its Role in Organ Formation, and Application to Regeneration
Hiroshi Hamada
Professor, Osaka University
Molecular Mechanism Generating Morphological Asymmetries
Kunihiro Matsumoto
Professor, Nagoya University
Molecular Mechanism of Morphogenesis and Cell Differentiation during Development


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