Creation and Application of “Soft Nano-machine”, the Hyperfunctional Molecular Machine

Research Supervisor

Hirokazu Hotani

Year Started : FY2004

Shoji Takada
Associate Professor, Kyoto University
Hierarchal Modeling of Bio-nanomachines: From Dynamical Structure to Function

Year Started : FY2003

Masamitsu Futai
Professor, Iwate Medical University
Studies on the Mechanism of Proton Pump ATPase as Highly Efficient Nanomotors

Year Started : FY2002

Shin-Ichi Aizawa
Professor, Prefectural University of Hiroshima
Quest for the Origin of the Flagellar Motility
Hiroyasu Itoh
Senior Researcher, Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.
Creation of Nano Mechano-chemical Machines based on Protein Molecular Motors
Toshiya Endo
Professor, Nagoya University
Molecular Mechanisms of the Functions of Protein Translocators
Ritsu Kamiya
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Principle and Assembly of Bio-nanomachines that Produce Vibration
Tokuko Haraguchi
Senior Research Scientist,National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Construction of an Artificial Cell Nucleus as a Gene-delivery System
Yoshie Harada
Professor, Kyoto University
Studies on the Molecular Motors Working along the DNA
Yoshinori Fujiyoshi
Professor, Kyoto University
Development of Observation Methods for Cellular Systems
Toshio Yanagida
Professor, Osaka University
Nano-machines Modeled after Fluctuations and Flexibility of Bio-systems


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