Nano Factory and Process Monitoring for Advanced Information Processing and Communication

Research Supervisor

Kenji Gamo

Year Started : FY2003

Yoshikazu Homma
Professor, Tokyo University of Science
In Situ Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Growth Process for the Physical Property Control

Year Started : FY2002

Koji Ishibashi
Chief Scientist, RIKEN
Development of Fabrication Processes for Quantum Nanodevices in Carbon Nanomaterials
Masakazu Ichikawa
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Formation and Characterization of Ultra-small Nanodots with Ultra-high Density
Tomokazu Iyoda
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Creation and Transcription of Reliable Macromolecular Templates based on Phase-separated Nano-structures
Hideki Kawakatsu
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Ultrafast Ultraparallel Nanomechanics
Hiroo Kinoshita
Professor, University of Hyogo
Surface Observation and Metrology of High-Performance Material by Extreme Ultraviolet Microscope with Phase-Shifting Interferometer (EUVM/PSI)
Hiroshi Daimon
Professor, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Development of Atomic Stereomicroscope for the Analysis of Nanostructure
Shinji Matsui
Professor, University of Hyogo
High-functional Nano-three-dimensional Device and Process


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