[Masayuki Fujita]Development of terahertz integrated technology platform through fusion of resonant tunneling diodes and photonic crystals

Research Director

Masayuki Fujita

Masayuki Fujita

Graduate School of Engineering Science,Osaka University
Associate Professor


As a key device for the application of terahertz waves (with frequencies in the region between radio and light waves), we focus on the development of a compact resonant tunneling diode, which can oscillate at the highest frequency among various simple electronic devices. The purpose of this research is to purse the maximum transmission rate using a terahertz resonant tunneling diode for wireless communication applications. In order to overcome the transmission rate limitation using a simple resonant tunneling diode, we create a novel integrated technology to develop ultrahigh-speed wireless communication systems with low power consumption using terahertz waves through the fusion of resonant tunneling diodes and photonic crystals, which can be used as an ultralow-loss terahertz integration platform.

Jae-Young Kim Research Engineeer, Fundamental Research and Development Division, Rohm Co., Ltd.
Safumi Suzuki Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology

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