[Symbiotic Interaction]Year Started : 2018

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Masahiro Shiomi

Computational Social Touch for Symbiotic Human-Robot Interaction

Research Director
Masahiro Shiomi
Aya Nakae

Physical embodiment of social robots enables them to realize active social touch interaction, which plays an essential role in human-human interaction. This project aims to develop a mechanism for safe and trustworthy social touch interaction between human and robots based on computational approach. We will evaluate the effectiveness of social touch interaction with robots in both childcare and elderly care contexts.

Hiroyuki Shinoda

Materialized Graphics for Multidimensional Interaction

Research Director

This project aims to realize aerial computer images called materialized graphics that can physically interact with people and the environment in the real world as if they were real objects. Tactile sensation of the aerial image surface is produced by airborne ultrasound, which transmits the physical entity instantaneously. This technology achieves a workspace where multidimensional interactions are freely programed. It is applied to and innovates operation interfaces and communication and provides new tools for affective support and behavior modification.

Tsutomu Terada

Interaction Platform based on Psychological Informatics for Information Presentation

Research Director
Chihiro Hosoda
Yutaka Yanagisawa

In this research, we will clarify/formulate the psychological effect of information presentation. We also establish a screening method to know the effect beforehand by scanning brain before/after intervention. Based on these techniques, we will implement various applications including entertainments and learning, and formulate guidelines for safety information presentation.

Kazuo Hiraki

Pedagogical information infrastructure based on mutual interaction

Research Director
Koiti Hasida
Mitsuru Kawamoto

In this research, we aim to build an intellectual information infrastructure to support the basic human’s ability teach and taught. We call the infrastructure as pedagogical database. Pedagogical database is sort of a study log which can support the basic human’s ability teach and taught. To do this, we focus on three learning scenes - mother-child interaction, e-learning, seminars style teaching. To clarify the interaction between the learner and the teacher under these scenes, we organically unify the advanced technologies such as brain measurement, wearable sensor, audio-image processing. And we accumulate and utilize the pedagogical database based on the idea of PDS (personal data store).

Takufumi Yanagisawa

Construction of representational Brain-Computer Interaction technology

Research Director
Kentaro Tamura
Shinji Nishimoto
Haruhiko Kishima
Yukiyasu Kamitani
Hidenori Sugano

This research aims to create a technology to realize a novel interaction between information space representing real-world and the brain information corresponding to various thoughts of human.Moreover, we will unveil the neural basis to realize this technology and some influences to the brain functions.

Junichi Yamagishi

VoicePersonae: Speaker identity cloning and protection

Research Director

Speech is a part of our identities and strongly related to biometrics, speech synthesis, voice transformation, and speech privacy. However, in these fields, research has been conducted individually toward conflicting goals. In this project, we remove the barriers of the fields concerning voice identity, improve the accuracy of speaker characterization modeling technologies, enhance the reliability and robustness of biometric speaker recognition, and further research on new technologies for protection of speech privacy.

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