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Development of the Foundation for Nano-Interface Technology

Research Supervisor
Seiji Shinkai
Professor Emeritus, Kyushu University/ Professor, Sojo University
Year Started


Alongside obtaining cross-disciplinary knowledge of nano-scale phase properties by gathering information from various research fields which consider phases in heterogeneous materials and substances from a nano-scale point of view, this research aims at constructing new materials, devices and techniques with drastically improved performance, by conducting theoretical analysis and implementing production control at nano-scale level based on this knowledge. Specifically, the scope of the research includes electronics, phases between organic materials and metals or semiconductors in devices used for transforming energy, surfaces and phases observed in environmental catalysts and function control membranes, phases between artificial materials and biological materials used for nanobiomedicine, and the utilization of functional phases, such as in the fabrication of nano-scale structures from inorganic materials by using soft structures as templates. In addition, a major goal of the research is to cultivate knowledge related to the biological safety of nano-scale materials, for example, the behavior of nano-scale particles inside cells.

Strategic Sector

Creation and Application of Innovative Nano-Interface Technology that Achieves High Performance from Materials and Substances in Different State

Research Projects

Year Started : 2008
Research Director Affiliation Research Project
Izumi Ichinose Managing Director, National Institute for Materials Science Macroscopic Properties of Liquids in Interfacial Nanopores
Seiji Ogo Professor, Kyushu University Energy Conversion via the Interface with Hydrogen Activation Aqua Catalysts
Kazue Kurihara Professor, Tohoku University Foundation of the Nano-Interface Technology by the Surface Forces Measurement
Kazuo Sakurai Professor, Kitakyushu University Manipulation of Nano Interface of Drug-Delivery System and Its Application to Vaccine for Bird Flu
Kazuhiko Matsumoto Professor, Osaka University Quantum Nano Devices by Control of Quantum Nano Interface
Year Started : 2007
Research DirectorAffiliationResearch Project
Tetsuya Aruga Professor, Kyoto University Spin-polarized Electric Current Induced by Giant Rashba Effect
Nobuo Kimizuka Professor, Kyushu University Integration of Self-Assembly Strategies for the Construction of Smart Nanointerfaces
Kazuhiko Hirakawa Professor, The University of Tokyo Novel Physics and Device Applications of Nanogap Electrode/Quantum Nanostructure Junctions
Makoto Fujita Professor, The University of Tokyo Self-assembled Discrete Nanointerfaces
Nobuhiko Yui Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University Design of Multidimensionally Biological Interfaces through Manipulating Molecular Mobility
Year Started : 2006
Research DirectorAffiliationResearch Project
Shinji Inagaki Senior Fellow, Toyota Central R&D labs., Inc. Creation of Functional Organosilica Hybrid Materials with Highly Ordered Nanostructure
Masaharu Oshima Professor, The University of Tokyo Ultra-high Brilliant Synchrotron Radiation Analysis and Control Station for Functional Interfaces
Masashi Kawasaki Professor, Tohoku University Interfacial Device Physics for Oxide- and Organic-Electronics
Hiroshi Kitagawa Professer, Kyoto University Creation of the Metal-Organic Hybrid Protonics and Functional Nano-Layer Integrated System
Masatake Haruta Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University Catalyst Design of Gold Clusters through Junction Effect with Metal Oxides, Carbons, and Polymers
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