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High Performance Computing for Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Phenomena

Research Supervisor
Genki Yagawa
Director / Professor, Center for Computational Mechanics Research, Toyo University
Year Started


Eligible research projects will be those of high-grade and large-scale software, intended for simulation of multi-scale and multi-physics phenomena, based on computer environments (including grids) of over Tera-flops . Special emphasis placed on whether or not the research is of a world-leading nature, unique in terms of concept and idea and effective in its applications. From the view of reliability of the solutions, we expect to have research projects with due consideration to evaluation and verification of accuracy of the solutions, intended for high efficiency of large-scale input/output data handling and improved processing speed and better cost performance. We will also welcome proposals with full applicability to industry and real society, and framework which enables the developed software to grow autonomously after the funded period. We invite field-fusing and area-fusing research which encourages joint proposals by experts of different fields or with overseas advanced groups, and close cooperation with experimentalists, theoreticians as well as experts of informatics and computational science, etc. In this case, the judgment on selection will be made in consideration of whether the proposal has sufficient ties among various researchers.

Strategic Sector

Development of Next-Generation High-Accuracy and High-Resolution Simulation Technology

Research Projects

Year Started : 2007
Research DirectorAffiliationResearch Project
Yuriko Aoki Professor, Kyushu University Highly Accurate Order(N) Computational Method for Gigantic Systems and Material Design for Nano-bio Systems
Masatoshi Imada Professor, The University of Tokyo High-accuracy Hierarchical and Many-body Schemes for Materials Simulations
Hideyuki Usui Professor, Kobe University Multi-scale Plasma Particle Simulation for the Development of Interplanetary Flight System
Akio Kitao Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo Hierarchical Modeling of Interactions Among Biomolecules
Hiroshi Nakatsuji Director, Quantum Chemistry Research Institute Realizing Super-accurate Predictions and Giant-molecular Designs: Breakthrough of Frontiers of Quantum Chemistry with Innovative Methodologies in Computational Science
Shinobu Yoshimura Professor, The University of Tokyo Simulation for Predicting Quake-Proof Capability of Nuclear Power Plants
Year Started : 2006
Research DirectorAffiliationResearch Project
Masataka Nagaoka Professor, Nagoya University Multi-scale Simulation of Condensed-phase Reacting Systems-Developing Coarse-Graining Theory and Reconstruction Method of Large-scale Atomic Data-
Hiroyasu Hasumi Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo Scale interaction and large-scale variation of the ocean circulation
Masahiko Machida Principal Scientist, Japan Atomic Energy Agency Framework Development for Multiscale and Multiphysics Simulations toward Novel Applications of Superconductivity
Masuhiro Mikami Senior Research Scientist, Nanosystem Research Institute (NRI), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Research and Development of DDS Simulator
Keiji Morokuma Research Leader, Kyoto University Simulation of Complexes Molecular Systems Utilizing Hybrid Molecular Theories
Yasuhiro Yamanaka Professor, Faculity of Environmental Earth Science, Hokkaido University Marine Environmental Simulation Study for Future Projection of Marine Ecosystems
Ryoichi Yamamoto Professor, Kyoto University Multi-scale Simulations for Soft Matters
Year Started : 2005
Research DirectorAffiliationResearch Project
Shuji Ogata Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology Hybrid Simulations of Complex Liquid-solid Interfaces at Nano, Meso, and Micro Range-scales
Atsushi Oshiyama Professor, The University of Tokyo Construction of Nano-Architecture Based on Computational Quantum Theoretical Science
Masaki Satoh Team Leader, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology Global Cloud Resolving Model Simulations toward Numerical Weather Forecasting in the Tropics
Toshikazu Takada Coordinator, RIKEN Theoretical Studies of the Charge Transfer Mechanisms in Biological Systems with QM (MRSCI+DFT)/MM methods
Keiko Takahashi Program Director, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology Advanced Model Development and Simulations for Disaster Countermeasures
Seiichiro Ten-no Professor, Kobe University A Program System with Hierarchical Quantum Chemical Methods for Accurate Calculations of Biological Molecules
Kimihiko Hirao Special Advisor, RIKEN Simulations and Dynamics for Nanoscale and Biological Systems
Mitsuhiro Matsu'ura Project Professor, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics Integrated Predictive Simulation System for Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster
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