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Alliance for Breakthrough between Mathematics and Sciences (ABMS)

Research Supervisor
Yasumasa Nishiura
Professor, Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University
Year Started


Alliance for Breakthrough between Mathematics and Sciences (ABMS) is a grant program established for supporting research activities in mathematical science. It is in particular designed for such a research activity by mathematical scientists that is motivated by social needs, conducted in cooperation with scientists in non-mathematical fields, and is expected to make a scientific breakthrough. It may be viewed as attempting to integrate the rationalism of Descartes and the empiricism of Bacon in the 21st century.
The program will cover studies of the mathematical problems in diverse fields of science: materials science, life science, environmental science, information science, telecommunication science, financial engineering, etc. Research activities in other fields will also be within the scope of the program if those activities propose new research topics arising from social needs, and explore mathematical approaches to those topics.
Priority will be given to such a research activity that develops new mathematical ideas through the study of natural or social phenomena in a field of science while applying existing mathematical methods to that study. The program therefore emphasizes research activity which contributes to the integration of mathematical and experimental sciences.

Strategic Sector

Search for Breakthrough by Mathematical / Mathematical Sciences Researches toward the Resolution of Issues with High Social Needs (Focusing on Collaboration with Wide Research Fields in Science and Technology)

Research Projects

Year Started : 2010
Research Director Affiliation Research Project
Ken Anjyo Visual Effects/R&D Supervisor, OLM Digital, Inc. Mathematics for Expressive Image Synthesis
Takashi Sakajo Professor, Hokkaido University Toward a Paradigm Shift Created by Mathematics of Vortex-Boundary Interactions
Hiroshi Suito Professor, Okayama University Realization of High-Performance Clinical Analysis Based on Collaboration between Radiology and Mathematical Sciences
Kokichi Sugihara Professor, Meiji University Computational Illusion --- Mathematical Modeling of Optical Illusion and its Applications
Masaharu Nagayama Professor, Kanazawa University Clarification of Dermatological Disease Mechanisms through Collaboration of Physiology and Mathematical Science
Year Started : 2008
Research DirectorAffiliationResearch Project
Motoko Kotani Professor, Tohoku University A Mathematical Challenge to a New Phase of Material Science
Ryo Kobayashi Professor, Hiroshima University Innovations in Controlling Hyper Redundant and Flexible Systems Inspired by Biological Locomotion
Takayuki Hibi Professor, Osaka University Harmony of Grobner Bases and the Modern Industrial Society
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