Toward a Paradigm Shift Created by Mathematics of Vortex-Boundary Interactions

Research Project Outline

Vortices generated by turbulent fluctuations in the proximity of streamlined wings of an airplane are detrimental to the flight. On the other hand, the creation of vortices allows insects to fly efficiently by flapping their thin wings. This suggests a new flight strategy that makes use of vortices. Our project attempts to develop a mathematical theory and high resolution computational fluid dynamics for vortex generation and their interactions with boundaries of the solid bodies. With "vortex-boundary interactions" as a key concept, we actively find our way into research collaborations with other disciplines in life-and environmental sciences. We will then propose an efficient new design for locomotion with vortices, which will replace streamlined shapes.

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Professor, Hokkaido University
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Alliance for Breakthrough between Mathematics and Sciences (ABMS)
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