A Mathematical Challenge to a New Phase of Material Science

Research Project Outline

The development of high-performance materials serves the well-being of human-society. Now that we observe and design nano-scale systems for the material development, demands for a new mathematical theory to describe nano-scale phe-nomena are increasing.
By a mutually benefi cial partnership between mathematics and material science, our research project aims to meet these demands and to develop mathematical models. The key, we believe, lies in the fundamental understanding of micro-meso-macroscopic structural relations and in the identifi cation of mechanisms in terms of mathematics.In the future, this re-search team is expected to evolve into the research core of “mathematical materials sciences” with high integration of mathematical science, information science, physical chemis-try and chemical physics, and materials science.

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Professor, Tohoku University
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Alliance for Breakthrough between Mathematics and Sciences (ABMS)
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