AIP Network Co-Lab. AIP Network Co-Lab.

AIP: Advanced Integrated Intelligence Platform Project

This site provides an introduction to AIP Network Co-Lab including its research areas,
Principal Investigators, co-Principal Investigators, and individual project researchers.

Technology, Application and
Research Areas

AIP Network Co-Lab offers researcher search by technology, by application, and by research area.

*Note: Data coverage and update schedule

  • This website introduces 373 researchers from 236 projects, out of 447 researchers from 285 projects in progress as of April 2022 (excluding projects started in April 2022).
  • Researchers selected up to two categories in each of the Technical and Applied classifications. If a researcher selected two different categories, the researcher is counted once in each category. In addition, if a researcher joining multiple projects selected the same category in different projects, the researcher is double-counted in each project. Researchers who did not specify specific applications are not included in the total number for Applied classification.
  • This website will be updated twice a year.
    • The information currently posted is as of November 2021.
    • Please note that the information on this website does not always show the latest affiliation/position of the researcher.

About Researcher’s Information

About Researcher’s Information

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