About The Program

Individual-type research that supports “the establishment of an individual,” i.e., young researchers with unique and challenging ideas


The purpose of ACT-X is finding and developing superior young researchers to address important problems facing our country. Under the management principles of the Research Area defined by the Research Supervisor, we find researchers who have challenging ideas. We give aid to research aimed at creating new values that lead to scientific and technological innovation. With advice and guidance from the Research Supervisor and Research Area Advisor, young researchers advance based on their unique ideas. As they communicate with researchers from different fields inside or outside the Research Area, young researchers attempt to establish themselves as researchers while forming a network of researchers.


■Research Period

2 years and 6 months or less

■Research Budget

Total of several million yen per project
*In the acceleration phase, maximum research funds of approximately 10 million yen / year


・We support young researchers (including graduate school students) who have had their doctorate for less than 8 years (or researchers who are bachelor’s degree holders for less than 13 years; excluding periods of maternity leave and parental leave.

・Research Supervisors call for research proposals based on the Research Areas they manage, adopting 60 to 90 research projects in each area. We consider the balance between science and technology fields when accepting a variety of researchers. Thus, we give them support by forming networks of researchers with different viewpoints in a Research Area or across Research Areas. For this purpose, we call for proposals several times separately. Our criteria for accepting proposals are clarified each time in the application requirements.

・Several million yen has been allocated to support each research project, which is sufficient to enable young researchers to begin working on their unique and challenging ideas and pursue their independent research projects.

・In order to maximize achievements, our Research Supervisors adopt a flexible management approach by giving instructions to ACT-X researchers on changing, accelerating, or cancelling research depending on their progress. We assign about ten Research Area Advisors to support Research Areas. We also have experts who give advice and perform evaluations in terms of science and technology. In addition, we have experts from industry who can give advice from a variety of viewpoints. To help young researchers establish themselves as independent entities, we assign each ACT-X researcher to a Research Area advisor who also plays the role of a mentor. Furthermore, Research Supervisors and Research Area Advisors give advice and guidance through area meetings held once or twice a year, and by visiting the laboratories of ACT-X researchers.

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