What's New - FY2013

President NAKAMURA made a courtesy visit to Ukraine
(Odessa, October 24th and 25th, 2013)

Dr. NAKAMURA (JST President), Mr. OBARA (Executive Director in charge of technology transfer) and Dr. TONOMURA (Executive Director in charge of basic research) visited Odessa National Polytechnic University for the“International Ukrainian-Japanese Conference on Scientific and Industrial Cooperation” on October 24th and 25th. They also visited the Japan Center of Mechnikov National University.

Dr. NAKAMURA received a welcome from the First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Yevhen SULIMA, and he exchanged opinions regarding the promotion of science and technology relationships between Japan and Ukraine with Mr.FUJIKI (Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: MEXT).

The Japanese delegation, which consisted of representatives from both academia and industry, set up a JST booth at the conference and explained their achievements to interested parties at the conference. There were roughly 300 participants at the event.

A status seminar was held in Israel
(Jerusalem, October 6th and 7th, 2013)

A progress report meeting for “stem cells” and “brain research” was held at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, co-hosted by the Israeli Ministry of Science, Technology and Space.

Twelve projects (6 Japanese, 6 Israeli) gathered and presented their on-going research. Young researchers as well as numerous senior research leaders participated in the event, engaging in active knowledge exchanges between the two countries.

The conference was held as part of JST’s Strategic International Research Cooperative Program (SICP) between Japan and Israel.

SAS-IVF-JST (Advanced Materials) Workshop in Slovakia
(Zurich, Switzerland, 18th July 2013)

The CONCERT-Japan Workshop on Future Perspectives for Europe-Japan Research and Innovation Cooperation was held in Zurich, Switzerland, on the 18th July 2013, co-organised by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK).

The workshop began with an overview of the achievements of the CONCERT-Japan Project and the implementation and results of the Pilot Joint Call conducted at the end of 2012. A roundtable discussion was then held, aimed at uncovering bottlenecks, challenges and gaps in Europe-Japan cooperation, before the participants were divided into 4 groups for parallel discussions (Group 1: Added value and impact of cooperation, Group 2: Themes for cooperation, Group 3: Innovation focus in cooperation, Group 4: Tools and instruments for cooperation). In total, 35 representatives from the scientific community, the research intensive business community, policy-making organisations and CONCERT-Japan partner organisations came together to exchange ideas regarding the future of Europe-Japan cooperation in research and innovation.

SAS-IVF-JST (Advanced Materials) Workshop in Slovakia

The SAS-IVF-JST Workshop on Advanced Materials was held in Smolenice of the Slovak Republic, co-organised by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), the Slovakia Academy of Sciences (SAS) and the International Visegrad Fund (IVF) from July 9th to July 11th, 2013.

The workshop consisted of 4 sessions (Nanomaterials, Materials and technologies for electronics and electrical engineering, Construction materials and Biomaterials) and was carried out over three days at the Smolenice Castle owned by SAS. In total, 45 researchers from Japan and the V4 countries (Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary) came together to present their research and to exchange ideas.


President NAKAMURA made a lecture in Slovakia

Dr. NAKAMURA (JST President) visited Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic, and gave a talk on “Innovation through Science and Technology” at the lecture hall of the Slovakia Academy of Sciences (SAS).

He also visited the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport, and exchanged opinions and information about future cooperation and trend in science and technology between two countries with State Secretary, Dr. Stefan Chudoba.
At the meeting with Dr. Pastorek (SAS President), the both presidents introduced own activities as the funding agency, and confirmed the cooperation about the workshop in “advanced materials” which will be held on next July at the Smolenice Castle under the collaboration of JST, SAS and International Visegrad Fund (IVF).

Link to Japanese version: https://www.jst.go.jp/report/2013/130612.html

President NAKAMURA made a courtesy visit to Dr. Serge Haroche
(April 26th, 2013)

Dr. NAKAMURA (JST President) and Mr. OKIMURA (Adviser) visited College de France on April 26th to meet with Dr. Serge Haroche (Nobel Laureate in Physics 2012).

Dr. Haroche was French side research director on the project of “Quantum Entanglement” from 1999 to 2004. It is one of projects that are conducted by between Japan and France under the International Cooperative Program called “ICORP”, and the Japanese side research director was Dr. Yohihisa YAMAMOTO.

He also participated in “SORST” project, JST’s basic research programs during 2004 and 2009, and studied physical understanding of quantum fluctuations. Recently, he has been studied for the realization of "quantum simulation" to analyze the characteristics of the material on the basis of the quantum mechanics.

Link to Japanese version: https://www.jst.go.jp/report/2013/130510.html