What's New - FY2012

Day of Friendship between Slovakia and Japan
(25-26 January 2013)

Day of Friendship between Slovakia and Japan" was held in Bratislava to commemorate the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Slovakia, from 25 to 26 January, 2013, organized by Embassy of Japan in Slovak Republic.
In this event, JST introduced its overall as well as individual activities and S&T policy of Japan etc. at its own booth. For two days, around 700 guests participated in the event and they enjoyed visiting other booths of Japanese private/public organizations, and cultural programs such as Japanese cuisine and tea ceremony etc.

President NAKAMURA was invited to the Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies
(10, December 2012)

Dr. Michiharu NAKAMURA, President of JST, was invited to the Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies and the Banquet held in Stockholm on 10 December 2012, where Professor Shinya YAMANAKA of Kyoto University, the 2012 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, presented and received the Nobel Prize Medal and Nobel Prize Diploma etc. from King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

CONCERT- Japan Partnering Event in Milan
27-28, September 2012)

The CONCERT-Japan Conference and Partnering Event on Efficient Energy Storage and Distribution have been held in Milan, Italy on 27-28 September 2012. The event has been one of its kind bringing together more than 100 participants from Europe and Japan working on solutions enhancing efficiency in energy storage and distribution.
Mr. Mamoru SHINOHARA, Director for Special Missions in the Department of International Affairs at JST, made a presentation on Japan's S&T policy and international cooperation programmes in the opening session of this event. Please visit following link for further details of the event and the project.


JST invited Dr. Takanori SHIBATA to
(6-8 July 2012)

JST and the Embassy of Japan in France invited Dr. Takanori SHIBATA, Senior Research Scientist, Biorobotics Division, Robotics Department, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, AIST (The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) to "Institut Culturel Franco-Japonais" and "Japan Expo" to deliver a speech on the Therapeutic Robot named "Paro" he created, and to demonstrate how it works.

General Exposition on Japanese culture ranging from popular ones such as comic books, animation, game and music to traditional ones including calligraphy, martial arts, tea ceremonies and origami. This Expo has been held from 2000 in a suburb of Paris, France. The number of visitors to this Expo for four days was around 210,000.