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Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

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Principal Investigator (Affiliation) 日本 Emeritus Prof.
(The University of Tokyo) researchmap
ネパール Mr.
Ram Prasad Ghimire
(Director General, Department of Mines and Geology(DMG), Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies)
Research Institutions in Japan The University of Tokyo / Kochi University / OYO Corporation
Research Institutions in Nepal Department of Mines and Geology, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies
Adoption fiscal year FY 2015
Research Period 5 Years
ODA Recipient Country Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
General Description of the Research Project

Tackle scientifically Nepal's future great earthquake and its hazards
Focusing on a future great earthquake expected in Nepal Himalayas, and the highly populated and vulnerable Kathmandu Valley, we aim to provide scientifically advanced seismic hazard information and build fundamentals to mitigate earthquake disaster based on this information, by conducting researches on earthquake potential evaluation, ground motion prediction, seismic hazard assessment, earthquake observation system, and education and policies. For this aim, we also utilize data and research findings from the 2015 Gorkha earthquake.

Build fundamentals for earthquake disaster mitigation based on advanced hazard information
By integrating the research outcomes such as the source model of a future great earthquake, predicted ground motions from the future earthquake, and observations by the enhanced seismic network, we aim to obtain scientifically advanced earthquake hazard information. In addition, developing personnel and policies for communicating this information to the Nepali society will lead to fundamentals for the mitigation of future earthquake disaster in the Kathmandu Valley.

Photo gallery
The highly vulnerable Kathmandu Valley

The highly vulnerable Kathmandu Valley

Damage to historic buildings from the Gorkha earthquake

Damage to historic buildings caused by the Gorkha earthquake

Damage to brick buildings caused by the Gorkha earthquake

Damage to brick buildings caused by the Gorkha earthquake

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