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December 2019 Prof. Mizushima was selected as PDFa 2019 Highly Cited Researcher by Clarivate Analytics (6th straight year)!
November 2019 Both Dr. Morishita and Oshima-san received a ‘PDFBest Poster Award’ at the 9th International Symposium on Autophagy.
October 2019 Update: ERATO Event
September 2019 Update: Research Results
Dr. Chino won Young Scientists Presentation Award of Excellence at the 92nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Biochemical Society.
July 2019 Update: Research Results
Morishita-san received an Excellent Presentation Award from 58th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Cataract Research/The 45th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Crystalline Lens Research.
Nakano-san, a former member and 2019 grad, won the JSCB Young Scientist Award for the 1st place Best Presentation and the EMBO Journal Prize.
June 2019 Update: Project Overview, Members  and ERATO Event
April 2019 Nakano-san received a Poster Award at the 19th BIO UT
April 2019 Honda-san received an Excellent Poster Award EMBO Workshop - Membrane Shaping and Remodeling by Proteins -
April 2019 Update: Members, Research Results
March 2019 Sakamoto-san received a Young Scientist Award from Japan Society of Parasitology
February 2019 Update: Members
September 2018 PDFTamura-san and Morita-san received a Top Award for Young Researchers at the 91st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Biochemical Society
September 2018 Update: Members
August 2018 Chino-san received a Nature Structural & Molecular Biology Poster Prize at the International Symposium - Proteins: From the Cradle to the Grave
August 2018 Update: Research Results
June 2018 Kanda-san received a Poster Award at the 18th BIO UT
June 2018 Update: Research Results
April 2018 HPNakano-san received The EMBO JOURNAL Poster Prize at the YoungMito 2018 meeting
April 2018 Update: Members
March 2018 Our new website has been launched.

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