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September 2020 Yamamoto-san (D4) won PDFan Excellence Award for Young Scientist at the 93rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Biochemical Society.
September 2020 Update: ERATO Events, Research Results
19 August 2020 When visiting our lab, please notify us in advance and follow the regulations for UTokyo Campus Entry Restrictions.
4 August 2020 Prof. Mizushima won the 61st Fujihara Award.
7 July 2020 Prof. Mizushima was elected as an EMBO Associate Member.
June 2020 Dr. Morishita received PDFa Young Scientist Presentation Award of Excellence at the 72nd Annual Meeting (Web Conference) of the Japan Society for Cell Biology.
15 June 2020 Our university resumed acceptance of postal items.
May 2020 Update: Members
April 2020 Update: Members, ERATO Events
8 April 2020 We have no postal service for the time being due to the University-closure associated with COVID-19.
February 2020 Mimura-san received an Excellent Poster Abstract Award at the ‘Medical Scientist Training Program’ Retreat 2019.
Update: Research Results
December 2019 Prof. Mizushima was selected as PDFa 2019 Highly Cited Researcher by Clarivate Analytics (6th straight year)!
Update: Research Results
November 2019 Both Dr. Morishita and Oshima-san received a ‘PDFBest Poster Award’ at the 9th International Symposium on Autophagy.
October 2019 Update: ERATO Event
September 2019 Update: Research Results
Dr. Chino won Young Scientists Presentation Award of Excellence at PDFthe 92nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Biochemical Society.
July 2019 Update: Research Results
Morishita-san received an Excellent Presentation Award from 58th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Cataract Research/The 45th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Crystalline Lens Research.
June 2019 Update: Project Overview, Members  and ERATO Event
Nakano-san, a former member and 2019 grad, won the JSCB Young Scientist Award for the 1st place Best Presentation and the EMBO Journal Prize.
April 2019 Nakano-san received a Poster Award at the 19th BIO UT
April 2019 Honda-san received an Excellent Poster Award EMBO Workshop - Membrane Shaping and Remodeling by Proteins -
April 2019 Update: Members, Research Results
March 2019 Sakamoto-san received a Young Scientist Award from Japan Society of Parasitology
February 2019 Update: Members
September 2018 PDFTamura-san and Morita-san received a Top Award for Young Researchers at the 91st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Biochemical Society
September 2018 Update: Members
August 2018 Chino-san received a Nature Structural & Molecular Biology Poster Prize at the International Symposium - Proteins: From the Cradle to the Grave
August 2018 Update: Research Results
June 2018 Kanda-san received a Poster Award at the 18th BIO UT
June 2018 Update: Research Results
April 2018 HPNakano-san received The EMBO JOURNAL Poster Prize at the YoungMito 2018 meeting
April 2018 Update: Members
March 2018 Our new website has been launched.

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