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ERATO Events

16 July 2022 The ERATO Public Symposium was successfully held at the Ito Hall of Ito International Research Center.
1 June 2022 The ERATO Public Symposium will be held on Saturday, 16 July 2022.
14 April 2022 The 4th ERATO Meeting (The 3rd Site Visit, Closed) was held online. Due to communication failure on the day, some presentation videos were separately provided later to the committee members. With online discussion, their feedback was delivered on 13 June.
11 November 2021 The ERATO Symposium was held online.
1 November 2021 New pamphlet of ERATO Mizushima Project is ready for distribution.
10 September 2021 The ERATO Symposium will be held on Thursday, 11 November 2021.
17 June 2021 The ERATO International Symposium was successfully held online.
April 2021 PDFOnline ERATO International Symposium will be held on 17 June 2021.
12 December 2020 The ERATO Interim Evaluation Meeting (closed) was held online.
31 August 2020 The 3rd ERATO Meeting (the 2nd ‘Site Visit’) was held online in consideration of COVID-19.
April 2020 The 3rd ERATO Meeting (the 2nd ‘Site Visit’) was postponed due to COVID-19. (New Date TBD).
5-6 October 2019 The first ‘ERATO Mizushima Project’ Retreat was held at Oiso Prince Hotel, Kanagawa Pref.(Pictures) 
8 July 2019 The joint seminar of ‘ERATO Mizushima Project’ and ‘IRCN’ was held. (More Information)
9 May 2019 The 2nd ERATO meeting (the 1st 'Site Visit') took place.(Pictures) 
6 February 2019 PDFClear file folders (in 3 different design) for our outreach activities were created.
12 April 2019 The 1st ERATO meeting ('Kickoff') was held.

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