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ERATO Events

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ERATO Events

April 2020 The 3rd ERATO Meeting (the 2nd ‘Site Visit’) was postponed due to COVID-19. (New Date TBD).
5-6 October 2019 The first ‘ERATO Mizushima Project’ Retreat was held at Oiso Prince Hotel, Kanagawa Pref.(Pictures) 
8 July 2019 The joint seminar of ‘ERATO Mizushima Project’ and ‘IRCN’ was held. (More Information)
9 May 2019 The 2nd ERATO meeting (the 1st 'Site Visit') took place.(Pictures) 
6 February 2019 PDFClear file folders (in 3 different design) for our outreach activities were created.
12 April 2019 The 1st ERATO meeting ('Kickoff') was held.

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